7 Things To Know Before Pounding The Pavement This Summer

Keep up with your running routine this summer with our Summer Running Series! The guys at NYC movers understand the importance of staying in shape even during the hot summer months. As the temperatures creep up, it can be hard to stay motivated with your running routine when you can work up a sweat simply by stepping out your front door. Our Summer Running Series is designed to keep you motivated and moving this summer season, so you can still fit into those jeans when fall rolls around. Before you hit the pavement this summer, here are some tips for staying safe while exercising in the heat:

1. Hydrate!

Obviously this is important no matter the weather or workout you do. When the temperatures start to climb and you sweat more than usual, drinking enough fluids is especially key. Whether you prefer sports drinks or just plain water, take at least one full bottle with you and drink up both before and after your run. Popping your drink in the freezer before you head out is a great way to ensure it will stay icy and refreshing for most of your workout.

2. Know Your Body

Don’t be afraid to take it a little easier than usual; your body is working harder to fight the heat and might not be able to handle your normal pace or distance. Everyone is different, so if you know you are prone to fainting, heatstroke, or dehydration, listen to your body’s signals. It’s better to do a shorter workout than end up in the emergency room. For warnings signs and treatments for heat-related illness, check out these recommendations from Runner’s World.

3. Adjust Your Workout

If you normally run in the afternoon, consider moving your workouts to early morning or late at night for more ideal temperatures. If outdoor runs are not that important to you, you could exercise in an air-conditioned gym, run in a pool, or even do a lower-impact workout like yoga on especially sweltering days.

4. Seek Out Shade

Though this is easier said than done in many cities, try to find parks, trails, or other green spaces for your run. The shade from the plants will protect you from the sun and dirt or gravel paths retain a lot less heat than concrete. The guys at Cheap Movers NYC love running the shaded trails of Central Park to keep them in shape for the busy moving season.

5. Dress for the Weather

First and foremost, slather on the sunscreen. A sunburn is the most preventable heat-related injury you need to worry about. Also be sure to wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your sensitive eyes and scalp. Wear as few clothes as you are comfortable with and make sure that they are made of light colors and fabrics.

6. Beware of Injuries

Besides the obvious heat-related illnesses, other running ailments become more of a problem when the weather heats up. Sweating can increase your chances of chafing or blistering, so put Band-Aids or Vaseline on problem spots before your run. Wearing socks and proper-fitting shoes also help.

7. Take Care of Fido

Though running with your best friend is fun and beneficial for you both, taking your dog on summer runs may not be the best idea. He can suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle cramps just like you but doesn’t have the same recovery tools. Hot pavement could also burn your dog’s feet. Be very conscientious of the weather and location of the run when taking your pet along.

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