Where to Get Free Moving Boxes in Phoenix, Arizona

Moving already costs so much, and you would like to cut corners where you can. There are some things you can get for free if you know where to look. Packing boxes are one of these things. From this moving company Phoenix AZ, here are seven places you can find free boxes for your move.

1. Your Online Purchases

Many people order groceries and such from online these days. Keep the larger boxes for your move. They are already proven to be sturdy from shipping. For a bonus, there are packaging materials in them too.

2. Mom & Pop Stores

Head out to the local Mom & Pop stores for your boxes. These places typically pile them up for a period, before they are burnt off. If you can catch them at the right time, you will hit the mother load. Talk with the owners, and they will tell you the best day to get boxes, usually the day after stocking the shelves.

3. Craigslist

Check online at Craigslist’s free section. Other people have just moved, and they need to get rid of their boxes. You can also post that you are looking for boxes. When people move, they want the boxes gone quickly, because they are in the way. You can score packaging for free this way too. They will be all to happy to help you load up their boxes. Ask them if they have other moving things that they are getting rid while you are these.

  • garment boxes
  • extra tape
  • stuffing
  • moving blankets
  • bubble wrap
  • peanuts

4. Facebook Garage Sale Sites

Typically Facebook garage sale sites are for an indoor yard sale. There is an option for you to put an ISO (in search of) post, and ask for boxes. The people who do have them want them gone ASAP. Be prepared to act quickly.

5. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have to unpack boxes daily. They have a system, so getting their boxes is a little more precise. Call ahead and speak to the customer service. Tell them you need ‘X’ amount of boxes. If you can get them before they are broken down, then you won’t need to purchase as much tape too. They will typically give you a specific time to come to the store for pickup.

6. Liquor Stores

The liquor stores have small segregated boxes. These are good for separating glasses, candleholders, and the like. They are built for holding weight, so they are super sturdy. These places are very happy to get rid of their boxes, as they don’t reuse them.

7. University of Arizona

For August and September, over 7,000 students move into the dorms. If you are moving near this time of year, you can take advantage of the opportunity. Call the University Move-In Services and ask what is available.

When you move to Arizona, know the laws that are set to protect you. With all of these options, you should be set with free boxes. Be aware that you will need to pick up at their convenience since they are the ones giving the boxes away. Have your vehicle emptied and ready before you call or stop by the store. Then, with boxes in hand, you’ll be ready to pack your kitchen and the rest of your house for your relocation.

How to Safely Transport a Piano Across the Country

Moving a piano is not an easy endeavor. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before ultimately deciding whether or not you are willing to take on the challenge yourself or hire a qualified professional piano mover.

Prepare the Piano for Moving

The first thing to consider is dealing with the weight and bulkiness of the piano. Grand pianos will undoubtedly require their legs to be removed and the piano to be rotated ninety degrees to fit through any standard door openings. Likewise, upright pianos are top-heavy and typically have delicate legs. In either case, at least 3-4 people will be required to manipulate the piano around any obstacles and through doorways safely.

Keep Safety Top of Mind

The safety of the piano, your home, and anybody involved are important things to keep in mind. The wooden finish of pianos can be easily damaged if it makes contact with anything in your home or moving truck. Also, the last thing you want to do is scratch your hardwood floors or put a noticeable dent on the corner of your wall as you move the piano out of your house. Chances are you won’t have the time to fix up any damage caused by the move. Use of proper equipment for the job is key. Furniture lifting straps, moving blankets, and dollies with the proper weight rating are essentials. Use of proper lifting technique is also key. Improper lifting technique can result in costly medical treatment or even surgery.

Load the Piano on the Truck

Even if you can safely get your piano into your driveway safely, your move is far from over. When going up the ramp on a moving truck, it is important to note the center of gravity of the piano and keep the heavier bass clef side of the piano towards the bottom. One person should be on the lighter treble clef side of the piano pulling up while two strong people are on the bottom bass side pushing to get the instrument up the ramp. While moving a piano up a moving truck ramp isn’t too difficult with enough manpower, you should hire professionals if the move involves stairs. The level of skill needed to pull off a moving job involving stairs is too high for a novice, and serious injury is too likely to be worth the risk.

Secure in the Vehicle

If you’re still considering moving your piano yourself without the help of a professional, planning is paramount. A piano should be secured towards the very front of the moving truck so that it can be tied down properly with straps. You also need to be mindful that other items are secured so that the piano isn’t getting banged around at each turn and sudden stop.

Hire Moving Professionals

Perhaps the best bit of advice to anyone that needs a piano moved across the country, or even locally, is to hire professional interstate movers. Getting a professional mover with plenty of experience will ensure the safety of both the piano and your home.

The following are a few professional options to choose from:

Tips for Packing Your Kitchen When You Move to a New House

When it’s time to move to another home, you probably think about the furniture, bedding and all of the little things that you can’t leave behind. The kitchen is a room where you can spend a good bit of time packing and sorting because of the appliances and the belongings that are in drawers and cabinets. If you follow a few tips while packing, then you can get everything ready to go in a short time to move to your new home.

1. Large Items

The larger items in the kitchen, such as the appliances, should be packed in their original boxes if you still have them. If not, then try to find a box that is just a bit bigger than the appliance. This will help to keep the appliance from moving around a lot inside. You should also put packing peanuts or Styrofoam inside the box to cushion appliances of any size. Find out if the new home already has appliances. Most rental houses have the basic furnishings, so you can often sell the ones that you have or put them in storage until they are needed.

2. Packing The Plates

Whether you have a nice set of plates and bowls or an inexpensive set that you got at a retail store, you want to take the time to ensure that your dinnerware is secure in each box that is used. You don’t need to pack each separate item in its box. However, it’s best to put a piece of newspaper, cloth or another soft piece of material between the plates and bowls so that they don’t break.

3. Cooking Utensils

From pots to spatulas, there are likely several items in your kitchen that you use for cooking. The larger pots and pans should be packed first with smaller versions of each item put inside of those. You can put a piece of newspaper or something else that is soft between the pots and pans to keep them from getting scratched. Glass lids should be wrapped as well. Smaller utensils, such as measuring cups, spatulas and mixing bowls, can usually be packed one large box. You don’t need to wrap these items, but you should label the box so that you remember what’s inside.

4. Perishables And Boxes

The last thing that you should pack is the food in the kitchen. Items that are expired should be thrown away. Pack boxes together and cans together. Tote bags are a good option for packing food since they have handles, keeping you from wasting a box. If you’re traveling a long distance, then consider getting cooler with ice for your cold and frozen items so that they don’t go bad during the move. Alternatively, these movers in Dallas, TX, suggest giving your food to a local food bank or donating it via Move for Hunger.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently prepare your kitchen for the move.

How We Strive to Be One of the Best Moving Companies in Austin

If you need moving services in Austin, we are here to help you. We offer the latest modern equipment, best prices, and friendly, professional service. We are equally well-equipped to handle residential or commercial clients with total efficiency and courtesy. Let us know what you need to be done and we won’t hesitate to accomplish it on your behalf.

We Offer Transparent Pricing and Free Quotes

Before you agree to anything, it’s important to know how much the ultimate bill will be. We will always make sure that you know exactly what our services consist of and what the price of the move will come. This way, you never have to worry about any hidden fees or other surprises.

Our Trained, Full-Time Moving Professionals are Here to Help You

Every one of our friendly service members is experienced in the field of residential and commercial moving. No matter what the issue may be, they can find a way to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner.

We Offer a Variety of Moving Services

We offer a variety of moving services, such as packing or partial packing, hourly assistance, piano movers, storage for your items, and much more. No matter what your special needs may be, we can find a way to meet them. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll put our heads together to solve the issue.

We Offer Professional Storage Services for Your Items

If some of your items need to go into storage, we have all of the space you need to keep them safe. We offer special state-of-the-art storage facilities for your possessions, along with a guarantee of complete security.

Our Service Team Members are Fully Licensed and Insured

All of our service team members are fully licensed and insured. If any mishaps should occur during the move, we have your back and will give you complete coverage for your loss.

We Offer the Best Equipment and a Clean Moving Truck

All of our moving equipment is completely brand new. Our vehicles are always clean and in the best possible condition to give you the fastest and safest moving experience.

We Always Offer Same Day or Overnight Service

Depending on how far the location is that you are moving to, we can guarantee you same day or overnight service. No matter how far you are going, we will do everything in our power to make your move as safe and timely as possible.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

If you’re ready to move to a new home or office, let us know. We’ll be glad to meet with you to determine the logistics of the move and the final price. From there, we will take on the responsibility of making sure that all of your possessions arrive safely to your new location. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

How to Choose an Interstate Moving Company You Can Trust

Moving can come across as a challenging task especially when you are moving across states. With plenty of plans to make and tasks to complete, the process can be cumbersome. But, with a moving company, you can have the peace of mind, save time and undertake a hassle-free. So, how do you choose a trustworthy mover?

1. Start Early

Finding a suitable mover can take longer than expected. Start your research early enough to save time for the other tasks. The first step to finding a mover is looking around for companies that carry out inter-state moves. Most interstate moving companies, like Great Guys and United Van Lines, have online portals where you can find information about their contacts, location, and services.

Visit each of them and discuss your needs to evaluate how they can assist you. In some states, moving companies are not allowed to carry some items such as hazardous materials. This will help make plans on how to move such things. Also, check on the insurance requirements for the safety of your belongings during the move.

2. Are They Licensed?

During your visit, you should inquire about their registration license. Interstate moving companies are required to have permits that allow them to offer their services from one state to another. Usually, they have a DOT number which comes from the United States Department of Transportation. You can find the number in any document the company provides.

3. Get Quotes

You will need to get several quotes before you can settle on one company. The movers should provide a comprehensive list of the moving services with the prices of each. It will help you evaluate your budget according to your moving needs. However, you should be cautious about hiring a company with the lowest rate. They may not guarantee quality services at the reduced price.

If you find long distance movers too expensive, check out alternatives like renting a moving truck or using a moving container service. See this great article on PODS vs UPack for more information on finding a cheaper method of moving.

4. Ask About the Logistics

Interstate moves require detailed planning on logistics. Since local movers may not meet the requirements to get you to your new home, it is essential to understand the transportation channel. Some companies have agreements with others from different states whereby they execute the move together. However, this may cost you more because they have to offload and load another truck on arrival to the new state.

5. What is The Schedule?

Moving to a new state will take your time to settle down. The company should have a detailed strategy on the time factor to ensure you reach your destination within the agreed time frame. Therefore, you should understand how long it will take to get you to your new home. This will not only help you plan in advance but also save time while moving. Also, you should be aware of how long it will take to pack, load and transport to ensure you plan accordingly.

A moving company should deliver quality services and ensure your belongings get to the new home in the right form. Therefore, you should take time to research before choosing a suitable company. Most importantly, you should discuss the schedule, the services you need and your total moving budget.