How to Safely Transport a Piano Across the Country

Moving a piano is not an easy endeavor. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before ultimately deciding whether or not you are willing to take on the challenge yourself or hire a qualified professional piano mover.

Prepare the Piano for Moving

The first thing to consider is dealing with the weight and bulkiness of the piano. Grand pianos will undoubtedly require their legs to be removed and the piano to be rotated ninety degrees to fit through any standard door openings. Likewise, upright pianos are top-heavy and typically have delicate legs. In either case, at least 3-4 people will be required to manipulate the piano around any obstacles and through doorways safely.

Keep Safety Top of Mind

The safety of the piano, your home, and anybody involved are important things to keep in mind. The wooden finish of pianos can be easily damaged if it makes contact with anything in your home or moving truck. Also, the last thing you want to do is scratch your hardwood floors or put a noticeable dent on the corner of your wall as you move the piano out of your house. Chances are you won’t have the time to fix up any damage caused by the move. Use of proper equipment for the job is key. Furniture lifting straps, moving blankets, and dollies with the proper weight rating are essentials. Use of proper lifting technique is also key. Improper lifting technique can result in costly medical treatment or even surgery.

Load the Piano on the Truck

Even if you can safely get your piano into your driveway safely, your move is far from over. When going up the ramp on a moving truck, it is important to note the center of gravity of the piano and keep the heavier bass clef side of the piano towards the bottom. One person should be on the lighter treble clef side of the piano pulling up while two strong people are on the bottom bass side pushing to get the instrument up the ramp. While moving a piano up a moving truck ramp isn’t too difficult with enough manpower, you should hire professionals if the move involves stairs. The level of skill needed to pull off a moving job involving stairs is too high for a novice, and serious injury is too likely to be worth the risk.

Secure in the Vehicle

If you’re still considering moving your piano yourself without the help of a professional, planning is paramount. A piano should be secured towards the very front of the moving truck so that it can be tied down properly with straps. You also need to be mindful that other items are secured so that the piano isn’t getting banged around at each turn and sudden stop.

Hire Moving Professionals

Perhaps the best bit of advice to anyone that needs a piano moved across the country, or even locally, is to hire professional interstate movers. Getting a professional mover with plenty of experience will ensure the safety of both the piano and your home.

The following are a few professional options to choose from:

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