Moving Services

Runners High Movers offers a variety of moving services to make your relocation experience seamless. Here are the services we provide:

Local Moves

Moving in Austin can be stressful, even if it is not long distance. If you are in the Austin, TX area and looking to move to a new home nearby, we provide great moving services to meet your moving needs.

Long Distance (Interstate Moves)

While moving just across the street can be frustrating and difficult, moving across state lines can be a real pain. If you are considering moving in or out of the Austin area, however, you have a great company that can help you with your move. Our group of licensed and insured movers can help make sure that your transition goes smoothly.

Piano Moving

Moving a piano, especially a grand, can be challenging and even dangerous at times. And trying to navigate a piano through buildings can be a nightmare. Fortunately, we have the training, expertise, and equipment to make sure your piano gets moved safely.

Student Moving

Moving on to a campus can be daunting, as carrying a futon up three flights of stairs is no easy task. Thankfully, if you are attending college in the Austin area, you have someone to help you. Our certified movers can help you make your transition on to campus go off without a hitch.

Residential Moves

Moving your home from one house to another can be difficult. That being said, you don’t have to make a move alone, as we offer residential moving services in the Austin area to make sure your residential move goes well.

Commercial Relocations

Moving an office or other commercial relocations takes a lot of work. There are a wide variety of objects to move, such as desks, computers and filing cabinets, among others items. If you are moving your business in or out of Austin, our certified movers can help make your commercial transition easier.


While moving itself takes work, packing and then unpacking your belongings takes almost as long, if not much longer. Thankfully, our licensed movers can help pack and unpack as well and would love to make that process easier for you.

Senior Moving

While moving as a young person can be difficult, it can be even more difficult as we get older. It is best not to take unnecessary risks while moving heavy furniture or other large items. If you are a senior moving in or out of the Austin area and need help moving, our licensed movers may just be the answer.


Sometimes when moving, or even when staying put, you need some extra storage space. Fortunately, we ample storage available for home or business.

Packing Supplies

Sometimes finding enough packing supplies such as cardboard boxes can be difficult. Fortunately, we have just the supplies you need. We offer a wide variety of packing supplies to help you make your move easier.